Hampel Road Storage in Moscow Mills understands what military personnel and their families go through to protect our freedoms. We do everything we can to help our military families by offering military storage. Whether you’re deployed for six months or six years, you can rest assured your storage items will be safe. We offer 24-hour storage security, as well as climate-controlled storage units. Below, we’ll offer up tips for long-term storage. Contact us today!


  • Pare down your belongings. Ask yourself how much stuff do you really need to store. Consider that items, especially electronics, will lose value the older they are. Consider selling your TVs, DVDs, GoPros, cameras, and any other devices that will be long outdated by the time you return. Then, you can buy the latest and greatest yourself.
  • Packing will be key. You’ll want to protect your storage items as much as possible while your away. You’ll have to consider that insects may invade, eating your bedding and clothing, or exposure to air may cause your favorite drawings to curl. Make sure you wrap all delicate items carefully, and stack all boxes with the heaviest on the bottom.
  • Consider climate-controlled storage. Even though all of your storage items are inside a building, they are not immune to air, humidity, and huge fluctuation changes as the seasons progress from winter to spring, summer, and fall. Electronics, wood, clothing, pictures, and paintings are especially vulnerable. It’s recommended that if you’re gone for over a year to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Hampel Road Storage in Moscow Mills offers a variety of storage units to meet your needs at a variety of storage unit prices, which you can find on our website. We offer small storage units as well as large storage units to fit your storage needs. Reach out to us today for special military storage unit pricing!

Are your belongings sensitive to dust, moisture, heat, or cold?

Following off our previous point, your storage environment is one of the most important considerations to make beyond space and price requirements. Nobody stores items hoping to find them broken or damaged when they come back, but it can happen if you store delicate items in unsuitable climates. Electronics, documents, leathers, furs, and other items will degrade when exposed to temperature fluctuations and dust, so plan accordingly and choose a climate-controlled solution.

What kind of access do you need?

If you’re going to need to be able to pop into your unit at random times and grab an item or two, it’s probably a good idea to search for facilities with 24/7 access. Contrastingly, if you don’t expect to access your unit more than a few times a year, there’s no need to choose a facility where people have access around the clock.

Are you storing very large items?

When you need to store a vehicle, self-storage is a winning solution. If it’s a rare vehicle, choose a climate-controlled facility that will keep all the seals, pipes, and electrical components in great shape. When it comes to large items like vehicles, it’s especially important to have a company with a good reputation for security and excellence.

Best of all, we beat the competition by providing an asphalt parking lot that keeps our facility cleaner and easier to use.

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