There are many reasons to store your important documents in a self-storage unit. One is climate-control which is important to prevent deterioration. Another reason to use storage units for document storage is most storage facilities offer 24-hour video surveillance, gates around the perimeter of the storage units, and sometimes an attendant, which helps to minimize theft.

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  • Take security seriously. It’s imperative that you take measures yourself to keep your documents secure. Don’t share your security code — either for your unit or for the gate — with anyone, even Uncle Billy who is visiting for just a week. This not only puts your documents at risk, but you are putting everyone else’s storage items at risk as well.
  • Take packing your precious documents seriously. You’ll want to invest in quality packing materials in order to keep your documents in the best condition possible. Consider investing in air-tight packaging, specialty packaging made specifically for documents, and high-quality storage boxes. A secure file cabinet may be another step you could take to ensure your stored documents are protected.
  • Clearly label your storage boxes. You don’t want to spend one whole day hunting down an obscure document that you need because you didn’t take the extra few minutes to write down what’s in the box. Also, put the document boxes that you are least likely to use at the back of the storage unit and on the bottom of the stack.

Hampel Road Storage offers the best document storage in Moscow Mills. With climate-controlled storage units at various sizes and 24-hour security surveillance, you can rest assured your documents are safe. Visit our website to find out our storage unit prices, and call us today!

Records are your life on paper. It’s worth protecting them and curating them well so they can serve their purpose without inconvenience. The Hampel Road Storage team is here to help.

The best candidates for storage units are documents that don’t need to be accessed or destroyed for seven years. Another factor is your ability to keep your documents safe at home. If you don’t feel comfortable having records in your home or business, a storage unit may be a great solution for a lot of your documents. Here are considerations that can guide you to the right storage unit:

Security. A secure storage facility will have fencing, onsite management, cameras, security guards, and effective lighting.

Pest control. Bugs can be a big problem when it comes to documents. Ask the facility about how they handle this risk. Keep your eyes peeled for foundational cracks, weeds, and other signs that there may be trouble.

Access. You won’t always know in advance that you need a certain record. Figure out if you’ll need to be able to pop in and grab records at any time or if you can limit your access to business hours.

Climate control. This is a must. You want a facility that controls both temperature and humidity. Ask if the facility has individual controls or if the entire facility is controlled by one system.

Specialization. If you have a lot of documents to store, it’s worth your while to find a facility that specializes in document storage. They will know which pitfalls and risks to watch out for, and their facilities will be designed to keep your documents as good as new.

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