Does your home feel tight and messy? Are you moving and you need a place to keep your belongings until your new place is ready? Is your business office stuffed full of documents? Are you tired of having a boat parked in your driveway? Personal storage is the answer! At Hampel Road Storage in Moscow Mills, we’re excited to offer secure, climate-controlled storage units of all shapes and sizes. We make it easy and affordable to have peace of mind about your belongings.

Hampel Road Storage in Moscow Mills understands how packing up your belongings for a storage unit can be a pain. After all, you have a lot of stuff, all different sizes and configurations that all don’t necessarily fit neatly into boxes of the same size. Moving is stressful enough, but packing could possibly be even more so.

Hampel Road Storage in Moscow Mills is here to help. We offer the best storage units at affordable prices for your needs. We offer small, medium, and large storage units so you only pay for the space you need. Climate-controlled storage is available in all sizes of our storage units. And when you rent a storage unit from us, we’ll supply a moving truck for free.

When you keep in mind our packing tips above, from using the same size boxes so you can easily stack them in your storage unit to packing all of the items you may need frequently up front to eliminate the dreaded crawling over of boxes scenario, your packing and moving experience will be less stressful.

Storage done right makes all the difference, which is why we’re excited to share a wide variety of options and insights with everyone who comes to us for help. Check out our list of jump-off points below and contact us to learn even more!