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Moving Supplies in Moscow Mills, MO

What do you do when you're in the middle of a move and you realize you're missing important supplies like packing tape, a utility knife, and mattress covers? If you rent with any ol' facility, you'll have to make additional trips just to pack up your belongings. Instead, you can avoid all the hassle by renting with Hampel Road Storage! We have all the supplies you need for your move right in our office. Call us at (636) 388-8998!




Boxes Prices
EZ Wardrobe Box 21"x18"x45" $10.95
U-Haul Large Box 18"x18"x24" $1.90
U-Haul Medium Box 18"x18"x16" $1.60
U-Haul Small Box 16"x12"x12" $1.10
U-Haul Shorty Wardrobe Box 14"x20"x34" $8.95
U-Haul Grand Wardrobe Box 24"x21"x48" $12.95
U-Haul X-Large Box 24"x18"x24" $2.70
Cell Kit $5.95
Dish Barrel Box 18"x18"X28" $5.45
Dish Saver Kit 10.20
Tape Prices
Tape - Poly $2.95
Tape Gun Dispenser $9.95
Moving Supplies Prices
Rachet Tie Down - 7 Foot $7.95
Packing Peanuts $4.95
U-Haul Packing Paper $12.49
Ropes Prices
Braided Nylon Twine $2.50
Tie-Down Sisal Rope $2.49
Covers Prices
5 Movers Stretch Plastic Wrap $5.95
10 Movers Stretch Plastic Wrap $11.99
Furniture Pads $7.95
U-Haul King Mattress Cover $5.99
U-Haul Queen Mattress Cover $4.99
U-Haul Full Mattress Cover $4.99
U-Haul Twin Mattress Cover $4.99
U-Haul Twin Mattress Bag Set $11.95
TV Covers $9.95
Locks Prices
Security Disc Lock $11.95
Miscellaneous Prices
Bubble Wrap $19.95
Small Bubble Roll $4.05
Forearm Forklift $24.95
Utility Knife w/ Replacement $2.79
Trailer Adaptor Wiring $14.50
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