Why Rent A Storage Unit?

There are many reasons to rent a storage unit! Maybe you need temporary storage for furniture during a move, or a secure location to hold keepsakes and valuable objects that don’t have a safe place in your home. Sometimes, we just find ourselves needing a little extra space!

Storage units can serve as a stress-relieving option when unexpected belongings fall into your care. Additionally, seasonal hobbies or those requiring large amounts of equipment can crowd your house. Having a designated place outside of your home to store these items frees up the space you need for the things you use more often.

A storage unit at Hampel Road Storage in Moscow Mills is a great solution for a variety of storage needs for individuals, families, and businesses. Below we discuss important factors to consider when choosing a storage facility: budget, climate control, accessibility, management availability, and security.

1. Choose A Unit That Fits Your Budget

Defining a budget is the first step in choosing a storage unit. You may think picking a unit based on how many things you want to store is the way to go, but your finances are actually a better guide. You will get much more use out of a storage unit you can afford consistently.

At Hampel Road Storage, we offer many sizes and styles of storage units to fit every budget. We’ll help you assess your storage needs to find the most practical unit for your finances.

2. Consider Climate Control

Missouri weather can get pretty crazy! If you’re keeping climate-sensitive items in storage, the last thing you want to worry about is damage. At Hampel Road Storage, we offer climate-controlled units for your peace of mind.

We understand that your home is not always the ideal place to store all belongings. Pets and children may pose a risk to precious keepsakes. Hiding away large or unconventionally shaped objects can be difficult and may damage them. With a climate controlled unit from Hampel Road Storage, you can reclaim the spaces under your bed and in your closet for the objects that belong there.

3. Know Your Accessibility Options

Many of us remember bribing our friends and family to help us move out of an upper-level apartment. While small, light objects may not be too difficult to carry up and down the stairs, belongings like furniture, large valuables, or heavy items may be risky to transport to a second story. Hampel Road Storage offers ground-level units and drive-up loading zones for your convenience.

When you rent a storage unit from us, you’ll also receive a free truck rental! Our aisles are wide enough to accommodate most moving trucks if you already have access to one. If you’re concerned about the size of your moving truck, give us a call to confirm it will fit down our aisles.

Another way we increase accessibility is through online payments. This is a quick, easy way to manage your bill. You won’t have to worry about mailing a check, searching through papers, or keeping track of physical bills.

4. Availability of Management

One overlooked aspect of storage unit facilities is the availability of management staff. If you have a question or problem with your unit, it can be frustrating to be left with only online support or a phone number that may not even lead to a real person. If you can’t access your belongings when you need to, what’s the point of paying for a storage unit?

At Hampel Road Storage, we have office hours every day except Sunday. Our on-site manager is here to help answer your questions and solve problems regarding your unit and our facility. Call us during open hours and speak directly with a staff member, not a robot!

5. Security Level

Storing your belongings outside of your home can make you feel a little nervous. At Hampel Road Storage, we understand your reservations! That is why we implemented electronic gate access, installed security cameras, and provide recommended locks for purchase on-site.

While we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your stored items, events like tornadoes and floods can damage or completely destroy belongings inside a storage unit. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, storage insurance can help you replace your lost and damaged belongings.

Visit Hampel Road Storage In Moscow Mills

The best way to choose the best storage facility for you or your business is to visit your options in person! The Hampel Road Storage office is open 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, and 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM on Saturdays (the office is closed on Sundays). We’re excited to meet you, answer questions, and give you a tour of our storage facility. At Hampel Road Storage, our goal is to provide clean, safe storage units for every budget and every need.

We are located at 29 Hampel Road in Moscow Mills, MO 63362. Stop by or give us a call today for all of your storage solutions.